Isi borang di bawah untuk membuat pembelian atau ada sebarang pertanyaan (^^)v

*Kami akan hubungi anda secepat mungkin bersama dengan number akaun bank kami.

*Jika anda ingin hubungi kami secara terus boleh sms atau whatsapp di number 0102270137



25 thoughts on “Contact/Ordering

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  4. Hello! May I ask.. Cacharel and Fantasia from Britney Spears.. not in ur list.. means that not in ur products to sell? Will you add more ur products for me to purchase? =) And.. in Ralph Lauren list.. (there is one perfume that I’m interested to buy.. but, it isn’t in the list..) is that all? I mean.. 5 items to purchase? Hopefully, to hear from you soon! ^^

    • Hello Aniza! Nice to hear from u again..=)
      For the item that is not in our list, u can just name it to us n we’ll check for its availability.. There are many brands and collections that are available but not yet been published here, since we are new and still constructing this website from time to time. And as we checked for your request, it is happy to say that we already have the Chacarel Amor Amor in our collections. However, for the Fantasy collection by Britney, we still wait for it to arrive. Will update the news to you from time to time. Thank u for shopping with us! ;))


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    • hye aizat..we do have sean john unforgivable n for men (le male) JPG..both are 125ml n the price is Rm120 including postage..please click here to see it:

      for men (le male) JPG—!/photo.php?pid=591841&id=149236155090081&ref=fbx_album

      sean john unforgivable—!/photo.php?pid=593471&id=149236155090081&ref=fbx_album&fbid=164752010205162

      u can order in fb or email us at

  7. Is it possible if i wanted to collect the items from you directly? if its possible please let me know, i’m really surprised by your prices its amazing, sorry to ask but are they 100% original? i mean same packaging and smell?

    • mani. im so sorry for such late replies. we have been a little bussy lately.regarding urquestion… if u are in penang, yes we can deliver directly to u..however if ur not, we will send it through pos laju , like we normally do..

      for the details on the originality of our product, i will send an email directly to u sorry again for our late response.

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  11. Hello airina..
    Just wanna check whether the Bvalgari AQVA 50ml (not marine) and Davidoff Champion stilll available? If yes, what’s the price…? Thanks

    • Hello (^^)
      yes ..they’re still available..Davidoff(Rm140) + Bvlgari(Rm70) + postage(Rm10) = Rm 220 .
      Plus, we will give free miniature perfume for free as a gift..(^^)v

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  13. -Just wanna check whether Paco Rabanne Black XS for women 50ml still available?

    -Paco Rabanne Black XS for women 100ml not in your list.. is it available??how much is it?

    -100% original?

  14. Dear ana,

    Just wanna ask whats the different between paco rabanne blackxs limited edition and the normal one..

    and may i ask how much the price is…?


  15. Hey, i know this is silly but i still have to ask.
    why is the perfume selling in such cheap price compared to the retailer?
    please reply okay? Thanks. :))

  16. Hello from ROMANIA – IASI, visit the blog for a long time, I saw that you deal with a large distribution of fragrances, perfumes are passionate about and I have long been seeking advice from you, and if it is possible to make profit to collaborate with you on the perfume section?
    I want you to buy the perfume in larger orders if possible?
    There are deals you know, here in Europe the currency is EURO parity do not know what exchange?
    If there is a chance to work together more please write an email to:, and I’ll try to talk more.
    Thank you with respect.

  17. Hi there, I am just curious, are all these perfumes you have listed original perfumes? I would also like to know if you deal via COD method? thank you

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