Super-Hero scents: Fahrenheit by Dior

This is simply a classic piece of art in the perfumery world which in my opinion, a must have for anyone who loves high quality fragrances. Many people especially in their youths find that this fragrance is suited only for the mature crowd. this might be due to that older folks were so used to this since it came out in 1988 and they really know the value of this fragrance. I just reached 24 a few weeks back and i think of Fahrenheit as a scent full of colors and harmony. However i don’t blame the boys for not liking this because i do understand that Fahrenheit is not for all. Why – lets go to the part on how it smells like. Just imagine this –

I’m simply just going to paint you a mental picture of this so that you can get into your world of olfactory imagination. To start of, imagine you are” the human torch” from fantastic 4 and the flaming powers of yours is already in action. Your whole body is covered in fire,slowly you then rose up into the air and blast off into the sky and you somehow ended up going through a lush garden filled with lemons, trees,and flowers. While leaving traces of fire behind you as you swoop into the garden, you somehow accidentally hit a bee hive and it splat all over you with honey all over your face and superhero suit. You then rose higher in the sky to try to get rid of the bees. In that panic and without a clue of whats ahead of you, somehow you ended up crashing into a petrol station. Fires are blazing, and flames are everywhere. Now from here, try to imagine all of the lemons, trees, bushes and flowers that you hit through the garden and they all seem to stick to your suit melting and blending together with the honey from the bee hive while it smolders into the thick petrol that splashes on you from that crash. The smell of Petrol does play a major role in the opening of this fragrance and that might be the reason why that its not for everyone.
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