AQ Luxury : Creed House – The Fragrance

G r e e n   I r i s h   T w e e d.

I chose on doing a short review on GIT because this is one of the jewels in the house of CREED. Green Irish Tweed was launched in 1985 and still in production until now. This totally proves how well made this fragrance is and how popular, especially amongst top celebrity’s. Everyone wants to wear GIT but because of the price tag,  many of them gave it a second thought. The price range can reach up from RM400  to Rm1000 depending on the bottle sizes. Speaking of the bottles, CREED makes simple but amazingly good looking bottles and also packaging . The signature curved flask looking bottle, with its signature CREED cap, is truly one of the best bottle to be kept in anyones perfume collection.

Enough with the presentation  and lets go straight to the real things which make GIT shines from before and until now. To start of, Green Irish Tweed can be simply said as fresh and green that expresses pure masculinity making it not only one of the most artistic fragrances from CREED, but also one of the most successful.Its full of  richness , fresh, green, spicy, sporty, original and unforgettable. Now lets go to the notes within GIT.

  • Top Notes: French verbena, Florentine iris
  • Middle Notes: Violet leaves
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood from Mysore, ambergris
It is the smell of the grass, the earth, the breeze and nature itself. Imagine you are riding your motorbike through a green field of grass full with trees, within the rain. The smell of the wet grass, and earth blending beautifully through the trees and the sharp cold breeze of your journey. Plus you have your thick leather jacket on with your lucky wooden amulet on your neck dangling freely from the wind.  . Then you somehow drop down your gears and stop aside. Now imagine the cold wet breeze carrying the smell of the earth,trees and grass, The sweat from your body cover your amulet on your chest and the body heat inside your leather jacket rose up bringing the smell of your wooden amulet, combined with a little bit of your sweat . If i could actually make a short movie explaining GIT that would probably be it (through my experience with Green Irish Tweed on my skin)

I actually don’t have much to say about GIT because i don’t wish to spoil all the surprise, because to enjoy this fragrance you should really be in its presence itself. If you are one of the people who love striking and strong fragrance well GIT is truly not for you because it is a scent which doesn’t actually projects far from your body but somehow it rather creates a scent cloud covering your body thus making GIT enjoyable to the ones who are close and near to you . That is how a gentlemen fragrance should smell. Its should only be sniffed by the ones who have close encounters with you and not by the ones meters away from you. here is the rule of thumb that i always follow, when i wear a fragrance and enter a cinema, i would prefer only the person beside me to smell me and not the ones sitting across me or 2-3 rows from me. However certain times and moments, it is needed for you to have a strong projecting fragrance to.

Finally i would just want to say that if any of you who loves quality fragrances, do take the time to find this beautiful fragrance from CREED and try it for yourself. But be warned, Once you tried CREED, its hard for you to go back on other fragrances. (^^)

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