AQ Luxury : The CREED house.

 After a few testings on some of the fragrance from the house of CREED, i ended up saying to myself, ” im in LOVE “…..why? – Because my nose and olfactory senses was tingled and teased by scents which was so natural , so pure, so complex but yet very balance and harmonious – a true perfumery masterpiece. Not many designer house make that kind of fragrance nowadays . All they think about is making big money from a simply built scent pyramid and notes with super hyped advertisings. So i’m very thankful to the house of CREEDS for making beautiful fragrances. However , i’m not all surprise because for a prestigious house like CREED, experience is the key of success.  Having the expertise in making fragrances for more than 200 years really puts them in that higher class of up scale status. No wonder they are so great right .

Here is a little short history about CREED :

Based in Paris, CREED is the world’s only dynastic, privately held luxury fragrance company, founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then, serving royal houses and the discerning public for 251 years. Today the firm is guided by the unerring Olivier CREED, sixth in his family line to head CREED and creator of its most popular scents. His son, Erwin, 30, seventh generation and future head, has already begun to contribute to the art of CREED.

CREED was founded in London in 1760 by James Henry CREED. The firm’s first royal commission came in 1781 from King George III, for whom CREED made the scent Royal English Leather.

CREED relocated to Paris in 1854 at the request of client Empress Eugenie of France, for whom CREED made Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie, a fragrance still offered today. CREED also served her husband, Napoleon III. Among other CREED clients at this time are Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria-Hungary, his stylish wife, Empress Elisabeth (“Sisi”) and Czar Nicolas II of Russia.

In 1885, Queen Victoria appointed CREED “official supplier” to the British royal court. For her majesty, CREED created the scent Fleurs de Bulgarie by commission. This engaging scent, rich with roses, is available today. Also in 1885, Queen Maria Cristina of Spain named CREED her supplier by royal order.

In the 20th century, not only did royalty including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor choose CREED, but also leading politicians became CREED clients. Sir Winston Churchill wore CREED’s Tabarome. In America, young Congressman and future President John F. Kennedy wore CREED’s Vetiver.

In 1956, CREED created Grace Kelly’s wedding day scent, Fleurissimo, by order of her fiancé, Prince Rainier of Monaco. So began Hollywood’s long love affair with CREED.

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, master perfumer Olivier CREED created some of CREED’s most beloved treasures: Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Spring Flower, Himalaya and Original Vetiver, the latter two with the contributions of young Erwin CREED.

In 2005, Mr. CREED created Love In White. Worn by two First Ladies, it is sometimes called “the White House fragrance”. Laura Bush received the first bottle in 2005, thanking CREED in a note sent to Paris. Michelle Obama wears it as well, Washingtonian Magazine reports.

In 2006, Kate Middleton received the first bottle of CREED Royal Ceylan. 2006 also brought the debut of Original Santal for men and women, a scent of royal Indian sandalwood.

In 2007, CREED Virgin Island Water was born, winning four of five stars in a New York Times critique. 2008 brought Love In Black, inspired by Jacqueline Onassis. 2009 brought Acqua Fiorentina, evoking the Renaissance city of Florence. Also in 2009 came Sublime Vanille, first in a new Royal Exclusives collection-within-the-collection.

In 2010, CREED celebrated its 250th year by opening its only U.S. store at 794 Madison Avenue in Manhattan and with the creation of AVENTUS, described as “mesmerizing” by The New York Times.

In 2011, CREED will debut Royal-Oud for men and women, with luxurious oud coaxed from Agarwood trees and more expensive per ounce than palladium. CREED will also offer more creations in its Royal Exclusives line: Original Cologne and White Flowers.

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As for the perfume line, they really are serious about the ingredients . They will make sure that all ingredients in making a scent of CREED are from natural sources only, so  the CREED family would  travel all around the world in search of the best ingredients for their work. So don’t expect something cheap from CREED. In the next post we be putting out some of the CREEDS perfume for review. (^^) stay tuned.


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