New product collection: Perfume Vials

We are really happy to say that we finally manage to access more than 100++ units of designer brand perfume vials ranging from 1ml-2ml with a price tag of Rm8 – Rm 15. All items are guaranteed 100% authentic and perfectly covered in its packaging. For those who really love perfumes, usually they want to have their hands on all sorts of perfume types and brand, however, having a full bottle of all of these perfume might cost them a lot of money. So by having vials which doesn’t really cost much would be the most perfect way to enjoy various types and brand of perfumes ranging from every designer house you can think of. Plus it is small in size makes them easy to carry around and would be perfect for any moment in need. 

* because of the large amount of stocks that is in hand, we are having a bit of a minor problem to upload the pictures. So if anyone wants to order just tell us what perfume you’re looking for. ThAnk you

* Whole seller are very most welcome


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