How many perfumes should you have?

Well, The answer is really simple actually. Lets take an example from our daily routine of changing our clothes or looks. People don’t wear the same clothes all over again day after day right?. Same goes to perfumes, simple. Many people think that you should have a signature scent so that people remember and know you from it. Yup that’s a good thing, but you should also have a few other perfumes in your collection to circulate through.

For example, in the morning when you got up and ready for work, you spray some fresh energetic mood boosting fragrance for the office, for instance- Acqua di Gio, Bvlgari Aqva, Givenchy Play and for the ladies- Acqua di Gioa,or Lanvin Marry me. After a hard day of work, you went home, change some clothes and got the mood of hanging out with some friends in the evening, then you spray some casual fragrance like Lacoste Essential, Armani code,or Woods by Dsquared, and for the girls, Armani Diamonds, Kenzo flower or some Dior Addict will be just perfect. As the day pass by, in the night you might have that special date with someone right ?, so you spray some JPG Le Male or Givenchy Play intense on you. As for the ladies, they put their 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera or J’dore by Dior to spice up the mood.

These are some examples on how a person appreciate the art of perfumery and know how to express it. That is why you should have a few fragrance collection to circulate through so that people will notice you more as someone that is interesting, charming, classy, and enjoyable to be around with. You don’t need to spend BIG MONEY just to have those fragrance collection, as long you can find a nice fragrance that smells good on you, just grab and buy it. However, The BIG MONEY spent on perfumes is surely worth the price, if you love fragrance as much as we do ,for that  we know it  can reach out the deepest part of our emotions and how it plays around with it, is just simply indescribable. (^^)v

To get your favorite fragrance for your collection is just simple. just click the picture below and we will help you find your desired fragrance ,at a discount price of course : ).





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