What fragrance is perfect for the office??

Fragrance can be very magical to the people who loves them. It  can boost confidence, and they can be useful tools in making a workday less boring and much more pleasant. However some of us don’t know on what perfume/fragrance to wear or how much to put on, thus it can be very offensive to other office friends making them avoiding our presence. You should always remember that the office is an enclosed environment  and scents or aromas can be very easily detected by others, so having the right amount of perfume on you is important.  We can make wearing fragrance to work, “magical” for everyone. As some of us know, that  It’s unnecessary for most things to be as highly scented as they are, because some scent is very uncomfortable, which brings us to the first rule for today.

Be conscious of silage.

Sillage is a French word roughly meaning “trail”, in this case, the trail of your perfume, your fragrance’s reach,or  how far away you can be smelled. Simply said is, think of it as a perfume aura. THE BASIC RULE IS, when you walk ,your perfume follows behind, meaning, your perfume MUST NEVER walk ahead of you.  If people can smell you coming around the corner as soon as you open the door, that means you’re wearing too much perfume/fragrance.  If people have to open windows after you enter or leave a room, you’re wearing too much. SO the question here is – What’s the right amount? .  For a simple answer, just ask someone who you trust to measure your sillage. Your fragrance should only be smelled when someone comes close to you, within arms’ length, or within 2 feet from your body.  People should be able to detect something pleasant in the air when you move, but not necesarily know where it’s coming from. If you are outside, it is acceptable to have a little bit more perfume on so that you have a good scent trail behind you for people to  notice you, but not to much.  Remember, that the kind of perfume you choose will affect your silage,

Check the strength of your fragrance/perfume.

Fragrances come in different concentration levels.  In order of strength are:

-Perfume oil or pure perfume (15-30% perfume oil in an oil base),

-Parfum (perfume or extrait – 15-25% perfume oil in alcohol base),

-Eau de Parfum or EDP (8-15% perfume oil),

-Eau de Toilette or EDT (4-10% perfume oil),

-Eau de Cologne or EDC (2-5% perfume oil) and finally

-After Shave and Eau Fraiche (perfume mist / splash – 3% or less perfume oil).

The more concentrated, the longer-lasting and richer the scent. However, even though a scent is labeled EDT, it doesn’t mean it won’t be a strong concentration. To know if your fragrance/perfume strong or not, you need to go back to rule #1 and have someone maesure your sillage.  Generally, one spritz of EDP or 1-2 sprays of EDT would suffice to create a pleasant, subtle silage.  Parfum is to be worn in a controlled amount at a time on pulse points for best result as they blend with your body chemistry.

Be aware of the projection

fragrance projection can be simply imagined as the range of your fragrance aura shooting out from your body. The stronger the scent of your fragrance/perfume , the further away the projection will go. As being said above, the office an enclosed environment and our noses can be very sensitive to scents in that kind of enclosure, so having a fragrance/perfume that has great projection can be a little offensive to some office mates. The perfect range for your projection is about arm length from your body. Put on your fragrance lightly or just simply choose a light fragrance so that only people who is near to you can smell you, and not your boss at the upper floor. To know the right projection for your perfume/fragrance at the office, you should always ask help from your trustful friends.

Be aware of the weather

Basically, you can wear more fragrance, or a heavier scent, in cold weather, because your nose can’t smell as well in the cold.  However, your nose will be more sensitive in the heat. Remember, fragrance can leave a bad impression if it’s perceived as being too aggressive,that can cost you an important account or job interview.  If you’re unsure about how your fragrance is affecting your co-workers, ALWAYS ASKS FOR SUGGESTION AND COMMENTS.

Some places have adopted a no-fragrance rule, which is wise to abide by. However the rules in wearing perfume is not written on stone that everyone must follow. You will somehow know the perfect way on how to put on your scent through time. Don’t be shy to ask for help and always explore. (^^)v


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