Fragrance for a true gentleman

S E L E C T I N G  A  G E N T L E M A N ‘ S  F R A G R A N C E

A scent of a well-groomed man should be appreciated enough by your lady friends .Simply said, a light mist of a fragrance, not to overpower a whole elevator, may be appropriate to add into the mood. So, take your lover or wife to a fragrance shop and start ranking the tester sticks.TEST TEST TEST AND TEST SOME MORE.Finally…  Put on your finalists of your well chosen fragrance on your skin, have her nuzzle your wrists to enjoy how each scent blends with your natural chemistry. Every gentleman should at least have two fragrances in his collection,First you should have an aroma which can blend with your active daytime wear, and a darker, more elegant leather or oriental to compliment your evenings plans whether in public or private.

Now to explain, gentlemen’s fragrances compliment the mood and activity. So, knowing the family of the fragrances will help you in the selection of the right fragrance for the right moment whether the boardroom, fairway, a date, or even hanging out.The benefit to knowing about these classifications is that it helps the gentleman rapidly identify the type of perfume his senses desire.

Aromatic Fragrances.Perfect for the adventurous man who prefers exotic spicy fragrances. A great fragrance choice for distinguished gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life. Aromatic fragrances usually have notes of thyme, sage, mint, rosemary, anis and clove.

Chypre Fragrances.Pronounced “sheep-ra” this fragrance is based on a woody mossy and flowery complex, sometimes with aspects of leather or fruits. Featuring bergamot or other citrus oils in the top notes and oakmoss as the dominant in a fragrance, as well as iris, labdanum, musk, and amber, and possibly patchouli in the base. Chypre perfumes are rich and tenacious and great for sports.

Floral Fragrances.This is the most famous family in the market today. The perfume is either made up of a wide variety of floral bouquets or a certain floral note, which predominates. For gentleman, Lavender is the classic dominant note, which is dominated by the fresh, bracing scent of the flower. It is often blended with fougere or wood fragrance notes. If lavender, a great everyday traditional fragrance.  If a floral blend for men, then best for evening wear.

Fougere Fragrances.Meaning fern in French and pronounced “foo-jhair,” it is similar to the Aromatic fragrance but with notes accentuating the Chypre like fragrance of oakmoss.   Fougere is usually a composition of lavender, bergamot, and geranium atop a base of coumarin and oakmoss.  Many men’s fragrances belong to this family of fragrances, which is characterized by its sharp herbaceous and woody scent. Applying it when you go for a walk or just hanging out with your friend and families.

Fresh FragrancesSporty, energetic. A great fragrance when you want to feel refreshed. Perfect for warm and humid summer days. The fresh family has sub-families of citrus, green, or water.  As a Citrus or Hespéridé, the light, fresh character from the zest of citrus such as bergamot, orange, lemon, lime, petitgrain, mandarin, etc. are often combined with more masculine scents of woods and spices.  Or, as a Green fragrance it is the scent of lush forests, leaves, grasslands and meadows.  Combined with citrus and water scents greens include vetiver, juniper, and other herbaceuos perfume oils. Or, as a Water or Oceanic blend it is the redolent scent of soft sea breeze  The water notes capture the ozonic aroma of wet air after a thunderstorm and are enlivened with floral, orientals, and woody notes.

Oriental Fragrances.For the mysterious, sensual man who prefers a stronger more exotic fragrance. This amber family of fragrances is very sensual and great for evening wear. A harmony of spices, floral, amber, musk, precious woods, and possibly vanilla results in mysterious and diffusive perfumes.  This is a James Bond approved family.

Leather Fragrances.This is one of the oldest fragrance families.  It is a great distinguished fragrance for a powerful man who wants his presence felt in the boardroom or lecturing at the university.  Floral, honey, tobacco, wood, and balsam create this warm and sensual fragrance that alludes to leather.

Woody Fragrances.For the traditional distinguished gentleman. One that is not easily influenced by trends and is confident of his preferences.  The woody or Boise’ family is a warm, dry, elegant and masculine fragrance. Patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, and cedar form the heart of these fragrances.  We suggest the boardroom or the library.

Finally just remember that you should always smell good where ever you are, because it is proven to be a fact that women are more likely to be attracted to scents rather than looks, seriously. If you still don’t know what to choose after a long and nose-tiring moments of choosing your perfect scents, just go home and wait for a few more days to let your nose rest, then go for the scent testing again. That always help.



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