What’s next…



For your information , Aroma Queen as you know it, is only a partial piece to a bigger puzzle, the first stroke on the artist’s canvas, the first line on an architect’s drawing.  It is a great start for us in gaining new heights for our lives. We start small in pieces,bricks by bricks, bits by bits, and hope to achieve that bigger utopia. As for your information, the future of AQ will be a surprise even to us, for that we ourselves never know where our company will stand in the future.

The first AQ is “Airina Qaisara” ( Airina Qaisara Enterprise) which focuses on the complexity of beauty ( skincare, perfumes, aroma therapy, etc). For a much exterior side of view, there will be “Amilia Qamilia” ,which will focus on the boundless possibilities of fashion design. As for a much masculine touch on the egoist side, there will be “Alif Qalif” and “Ameer Qameel”. However the future is a mysterious pathways where there is no stepping stone we could predict, so what planed is only a plan and the making is up to HIM. InsyaAllah, whatever the boundaries are, thick and thin, hot or cold, we will keep our ground steady and  make it all come true.

We thank you our beloved customers and all which support us and for those who kept giving us hope, families and friends, we thank you.

Hoping for a better future.



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