How to make your perfume scent last longer!!


Have you ever feel that your perfume scent that you wear doesn’t last long enough. Many of us feel that wearing perfume or cologne is just as simply spraying it on to your wrist or your neck or even some on your clothes.  That works to, but try some of these few tricks and tips to enhance your perfume lasting power and make them linger with you ALL DAYY LOOOOOOOOONNG….

Well, to start this , first of all…GO BUY YOUR SELF YOUR MOST DESIRABLE PERFUME.

now that you have yourself your super cool perfume with, you let start !!..

  1. You should preferably wear your perfume after you have a nice refreshing bath. This is because at this moment your skin is at its most clean and fresh thus it can absorb the perfume the  you’re wearing excellently!
  2. If you are using a splash,first of all  moisten your fingertips and put some perfume  on your pulse areas which are  your wrists, neckline , behind your earlobes and neck, on your chest, behind your knees and in your inner thighs.These are are the best to put your perfume on because  blood is closer to these surface and the skin is warmer causing the scent to be rapidly diffused.

  3. If your favorite perfume comes in a spray, you should spray on pulse areas from one foot away to get even distribution. Another trick is to  spray it into the air several times to form a perfume cloud and you “walk” right in.
  4. Heat  rises up – so you should perfume yourself from bottom to up. This will allow the scent to last longer and lingers with you through out the day.
  5. Dry skin don’t retain scents as long as people with oily skin. This is because that oils in the skin merge with the perfume oils thus making the  process of evaporation slower.                                                                                                                                                                                              SOLUTION:  reapply your favourite scent once or twice a day, or use a good moisturizer before applying your fragrance.e.g : Vaselin

  6. ATTENTION! DO Allow the scent to dry first. Many people put on perfume and immediately put on their dresses, which rubs some of the perfume off  thus prevents the fragrance from  being absorbed by the skin.

  7. If you want to make your perfume or cologne last longer, then “layer it”. Use body products scented preferably like your perfume or better yet products from the same brand. Start with a shower gel and then seal the scent with body lotion or after shave and finish by locking it all up with your favorite fragrance. Do not mix these all up by wearing everything (shampoo, aftershave, balm, deodorant, etc..)that has very different smell.

  8. Be aware of the weather. On hot  days, scents tend to last longer whereas cold weather will make them shallow and loose their scent faster . So, vary the amount of perfume you wear with each season.
  9. One more thing, Don’t rub your wrists together when applying perfume in this area. By doing that, the scent does change a little.
  10. And last but not least, You wear perfume to make people near you to notice your wonderful smell, remember, people near you , NOT CALVIN KLEIN HIMSELF. so do not over do it. LESS IS MORE



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