Everyone should have their own signature scent. Finding a scent that you love and adored bypeople around you is important, and actually not many know how to do it. wearing a fragrance REGULARLY is a good and important step towards creating your unique signiture style and scent.By having a scent that reallly suits you and perfectly lingers with you is really a quick way to lift your spirit and your sensuality and also confidence.This is not just for you but also the people around you where they will surely notice your pressence, your aura, and unique persona which defines who you are, and for those who are interested,it’s lingering memory of an unforgettable moment around you.

Discover your signature fragranceBy Heidi Rehak

Perfume is more than a dab or spritz as part of our morning ritual. We love knowing we smell pleasing to others, we admire the beautifully crafted bottles and packages our favorite scents come in, and we feel confident knowing we’re wearing the latest “It” designer – even in liquid form.But if you have yet to find your personal scent, or are looking to expand your fragrance wardrobe, the following quiz might be a handydrop of inspiration.

1. Your favorite color pairing is:

A. Yellow and orange

B. Red and gold

C. Green and brown

D. Pink and purple

2. Which herbal tea can most often be found in your cup?

A. Lemon Zinger

B. Jasmine

C. Green

D. Vanilla Almond

3. Your fantasy vacation would take you to:

A. The English countryside

B. An open-air market in Morocco

C. The redwood forest

D. A tropical island

4. You just might come back in your next life as a:

A. Butterfly

B. Black cat

C. Horse

D. Dog

5. Your most recent clothing or accessory splurge was:

A. Crock-print mules in a bright color

B. Sparkly, beaded bangles

C. Khaki pants

D. A pink cashmere sweater

6. Your favorite winter activity is:

A. Visiting a warm locale to soak in some sun

B. Skiing in the Swiss Alps

C. Building a snowperson

D. Snuggling with your honey under a down comforter

7. The perfect gift from your significant other would be:

A. A spa gift certificate

B. Sexy lingerie

C. A surprise picnic in the park

D. A bouquet of flowers

8. Your favorite restaurant serves which type of food?

A. Italian

B. Asian or Indian

C. Barbecue

D. Nouvelle cuisine

9. The type of music you adore most is:

A. Classical

B. World music

C. Rock

D. Jazz

10. Your signature outfit is:

A. Flirty skirt and beaded top

B. Something glittery, form-fitting and low cut

C. Warm-up suits or anything made from polar fleece

D. A long, loose, flowing dress in silk or linen

Scoring: Addup the total number of times you chose letters A, B, C and D. Your fragrance style corresponds to the letter you chose most frequently.


Yourperfume profile: Citrus/fruityYoulove the tangy essence offresh-squeezed juice, a wedge of lemon orripe pears. Fruity fragrancesare perfect for active women shuttling between the office, a Pilate’sclass and home, since they’re usually light, crisp and not overpowering.

Suggestion: DKNY Perfume, Victoria Secret Breathless, and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.


Yourperfume profile: ExoticVanilla,fresh-mulled cider, a pepper mill,cinnamon and nutmeg are some of your favorite aromas. These fragrancesare usually perceived as sexy and powerful because of the high doses of intriguing and pungent ingredients that they contain, such as musk,sandalwood and caramel.

suggestion: Yves Saint Laurent l’homme, 1 Million by Paco Rabbane, Diesel fuel for life


Yourperfume profile: OutdoorsyHerbs,pine trees, a cedar chest and spring rain are all scents that lure you in. Since they contain so many green notes (patchouli, pine, basil andjuniper), woodsy perfumes are ideally suited for those who work outside- or those who dream of hiking in theforest.

suggestions: Marc Jacobs daisy, Calvin Klein CK One, and Escada Into the Blue.


Yourperfume profile: Romantic, You love the scent of a spring garden in bloom, a bouquet of roses or a lavender sachet. Florals are one of themost popular fragrance categories because of their ultra-feminine appeal. However, lest you think that all florals smell sweet and girlie,know that they can range in complexity from single-note scents, like pure rose, to fruity or spicy blends.

suggestion: Rock me by Anna Sui, Miss Dior Cherie, Jeanne Lanvin

There’s a larger choice to be made for your signature scent within the criteria given above. Just simply go to www.airinaqaisara.wordpress.com and find your perfect aroma!! let people know your presence, aura and unique persona!!

Now get out there and start turning up some noses!


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