Caramel, raspberries and currant are the main theme of  DKNY Delicious Candy Apples.  The fun collection is available in limited number, in red, violet and green flacons.

Ripe Rasberry

The ripe rasberry is created of ripe, juicy raspberries dipped in lime and fresh apples icing . When you start wearing it, the scent is a more subtle fruity notes. They are  then surrounded with peony, magnolia and beautiful sweet notes, after a while wearing it , the scent of cola emerges slowly and it lingers with you for hours


Sweet Caramel

created of sugared blend of fruit, flowers and candies!!. Its scent has a wonderful blend of apples and pear with a pinch of marshmallows. After a while wearing it, the scent turns to a more floral scent with green freshness. The sweet creamy caramel, soft vanilla and cream will linger with u after a few hours wearing it


Juicy Berry

this one really tingles your imagination with fresh currant, blackberry, litchi and juicy pear in its opening when you wear it. After that you will notice a much more  fruity notes, rose and apple blossom and after a while wearing it, the creamy finish of sandalwood and blond wood emerges and stays with you for quiet some time


DKNY has perfected the pairing of candy sweetness with  juicy, ripe apple and created these amazing new candy apple . Using the very best ingredients and juiciest notes  for the scent to give you the ultimate satisfaction. these limited edition Delicious Candy Apples Collection is the latest entry into the best-selling DKNY fragrances family.

These collection are exclusively sold here on Aroma Queen Empire and you can purchase it now for a Special Price during our Hari Raya special sale!!

to place your order just simply click here


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